“A pleasure to hold, a delight to read.”

Founded in 2017, LetterPress Publications is the result of years of planning by author and editor Brian James Freeman.

Although the original goal was to focus on letterpress printed publications (hence the name), the plan changed the more we thought about the publishers already dedicated to that craft. They were knocking it out of the park. During this process, we started thinking about our earliest days of collecting, when we saved up for months to purchase a single book, and we realized our passion wasn’t necessarily devoted to the idea of extremely limited and pricey special editions that most collectors will never, ever be able to afford. There’s definitely a place for those, and we love them, but not everyone can afford a $600 edition of their favorite book.

Since 2002, Brian has been involved in every aspect of publishing more than 300 special Limited Editions by authors such as Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Peter Straub, William Peter Blatty, Clive Barker, Gillian Flynn, Scott Smith, Joe Hill, and many others. Throughout the years, he has developed an extensive list of contacts with companies and individuals who provide the materials for publishing high-end collectible books.

Putting those contacts and his experience to work, he decided to see how many features he could budget for a more affordable yet still beautiful special edition book. Who could he work out the best deal with to print the books? (Turns out he would actually use two separate book printers to get the very best pricing.) Which production materials could he order in bulk to save on costs? (Several of them.) The idea wasn’t to produce a cheaper book, but to instead fit more fine production values into a less expensive book; to create beautiful volumes that were also more affordable for the average collector.

Our goal at LetterPress Publications is to publish significant works in elegant editions using time-honored methods and handsome materials. These are truly modern special editions crafted with old world charm. Not only will you be proud to display our beautiful books in your office or home library, but our high-quality materials and production techniques create distinguished volumes you can pass down for generations of readers in your family to enjoy.

That doesn’t mean these books are only meant to be looked at, though. Each title is designed with readability in mind. A gorgeous book that cannot be read defeats the entire purpose of a book. That’s another reason why we named ourselves LetterPress Publications: a constant reminder that the wellspring of any publishing venture is the written word.

Our Limited Editions are printed on acid-free archival quality paper and feature a luxurious high-quality binding, hot foil artwork stamping, genuine crafted spine hubs, two-color interior printing, a generous amount of artwork, a sewn-in satin ribbon page marker, marbled or embossed endpapers, and authentic deckled page edges. These volumes are housed in custom-made slipcases wrapped with woven cloth and stamped with hot foil.

Our Lettered Editions feature a three-piece binding of splendid leather and imported cloth, upgraded paper with a textured finish, and precision trimmed page edges to properly absorb the gold or silver gilding. These unique editions are housed in a custom-made, slide-in traycase with hot-foil stamping on the front, spine, and inside of the case.

We hope you’ll take a few moments to learn more about our books and other projects, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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