The final day to order REVIVAL: THE DELUXE SPECIAL EDITION has arrived!

Tomorrow, I'll add up all the orders, put that number in the proper place on the signature sheet design, and then start printing the sheets, so next week they can start their journey around the world for signing!

I'll post the final print run publicly sometime next week, so collectors know how many copies are being published. Production updates galore will be shared this summer and fall via the LetterPress Publications mailing list, and the LetterPress Publications social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Remember, after today, the book will be OUT OF PRINT and SOLD OUT, so here are the stores still accepting reservations as of the time of this post:

Bad Moon BooksBetts BookstoreCamelot BooksCemetery Dance PublicationsDark RegionsGerald Winters and SonThe Overlook Connection BookstorePS Publishing (UK & Europe)Stephen King Catalog

Revival Limited Edition

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