Free REVIVAL Promotional Items Giveaway Announced!

One of the little things I've always enjoyed in the publishing and bookselling world are the odd (and sometimes very odd) promotional items publishers and film studios come up with for promoting their big projects.

This past weekend, I was just randomly thinking about the Duma Key promotional tennis balls that Scribner sent out in 2007 when I began to ponder some ideas for promotional items for the special edition of Revival...

On one hand, I don't need to produce any promotional items for Revival since both editions are guaranteed Sold Out on publication, but on the other hand it would be kind of fun to have a few items made just because... plus there are future books in the works that aren't written by Stephen King, and it would be smart to do a trial run to ensure these vendors meet my quality expectations, right??

That said, there are minimum runs and I don't need 25 or 50 of each thing sitting in my office forever, so what I'd like to do is send the Revival Promotion Items I have made right back out to random subscribers to the LetterPress Publications mailing list as my way of saying Thank You for their support.

Here's how it'll work:
Sorry, the Entry Window Has Closed!

* Over the next six months or so, as I have promotional items made, I'll pick random emails from the promo email collection folder and send those people something for free. (Don't worry, I'll reply to your email and confirm that your address hasn't changed, so if you move and win, you'll still get your item so long as you reply!)

* At the end of the six months, or when I'm done making promotional items, whichever comes first, I'll DELETE THE FOLDER with the emails. I have no intention of keeping your mailing addresses on file or anything like that.

This is all basically for fun, so there's no cost involved for anyone but me, and I hope people won't try to game the system by signing up a bunch of email addresses... and, of course, I will notice if John Smith from Small Town, West Virginia emails me his mailing address from eleven different Yahoo accounts, and I might just delete those emails for being annoying.

Since this is for fun, I also make the rules. All the rules. My rules and my decisions are final. Thanks for understanding. ;)

If anyone has any questions about the process outlined above, please just let me know. It will be a while before I have anything made because I'm fairly busy at the moment, so I'll post the info on the LetterPress Publications mailing list as the items arrive, which is one good reason to be a subscriber, among others.

Thank you again for all of your support!


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  • Thank you.

    Kurt M Boylstein

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