New updates on the REVIVAL Limited Edition and Lettered Edition!

The Revival Limited Edition books are now headed to the slipcase maker, who is busy finishing up his work, and when the cases are done, he will slipcase and shrink-wrap each book. I took a few quick photos of my approval copy of the Limited Edition, which I wanted to share with you today:

The latest report from the Lettered Edition binder is that they finished sewing the signatures, tipped-in art plates, and endsheets. Once that was done, they trimmed the finished book blocks, which are going out this week for edge gilding.

More news to come soon! Thank you again for all of your support!



  • Really looking forward to owning your awesome edition!!! Props to Francois for his artwork!!!!

    Joseph Salavics
  • I may sound dumb, but what type book is this….it is defnitely a BEAUTIFUL book, but I need to know what is on the inside. I am not familiar with it. I always think of scarey things when I see Stephen King.

  • Any estimate on when it will ship?

  • Very beautiful book! I’d say might be more beautiful than 25Th anniversary of IT. (have to get book in hand to make the final judgment.)

    Natalie L Shannon
  • Best Christmas gift ever!


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