So It's Come To This: Poetry (chapbook)

So It's Come To This: Poetry (chapbook)

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"So It's Come To This: A Poetry Chapbook" by Brian James Freeman will be my third Patreon-only chapbook. Details will be posted here when it's published in July, although my incredible supporters on Patreon already have a pretty good idea what they're getting themselves into! ;)

About the Chapbook:
Details to come...

Publication History:
To be published as a chapbook for Patreon supporters in July 2019.

About the Chapbook:
Each chapbook is "housed" in a custom-printed envelope with a fine linen finish and my private press logo printed on it in silver metallic ink. To make these chapbooks a little different from others I've seen, the inside-covers will feature some kind of artwork or faux marbling, sort of like illustrated endpapers. Each chapbook is also signed and hand-numbered.