Shipping Dracula: The Transylvania Edition from Amaranthine Books!

We’re pleased to report we’re now shipping Dracula: The Transylvania Edition from Amaranthine Books, but we know there was some confusion between this and the recent project announced by Gemini Artifacts, which Cemetery Dance Publications is selling. They are two very different books.

If you received an email with the subject line “Your LetterPress Publications Preorder Is Ready For Payment!” that means your copy of Dracula: The Transylvania Edition from Amaranthine Books is here and ready to ship as soon as you can pay.

If you have any trouble with the payment system, please let me know. There were a few kinks in the connection between our site and PayPal, but we seem to have worked those out and we also added an alternative credit card processor for those paying via credit cards.

Thank you, as always, for your continuing support!


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